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Lipex and Lipex 369

Lipex is a selected blend of processed plant products used to provide a source of energy, protein, amino acids and long chain fatty acids

EXL 7060 R3 and EXL 7060 2X

EXL 7060R3 is specifically processed for use in ruminates. This all-plant source product provides a source of energy, protein, amino acids and long chain fatty acids for today's high production herds.

With our ruminate product process, producers can enjoy a source of bypass fat and protein for their feed formulation.



  • Unique treatment process that enzymatically alters finished product.
  • Maximizes fatty acid and amino acid absorption.
  • Oils are effectively protected from rancidity by natural tocopherals and their encapsulation with starch during the process.

Functional Properties

  • Changes the body fat composition of animals.
  • The absorbed Omega-3 is integrated into the intramuscular meat of the carcass (most Omega-3 feeds produce higher levels in the fat covering).
  • Good source of natural enzymes from unique manufacturing process helps increase feed consumption.
  • High soluble fibre increases cut performance of animals.

Product Benefits and Features

  • Ease of use over liquid tallow or oils.
  • Excellent palatable sources of all vegetable energy and protein.
  • No animal by-products or prohibited materials.
  • Free flowing product.
  • Low dust.
  • Excellent source of long chain fatty acids.
  • Very compatible with other sources of fats to achieve high fat diets.
  • Blends well with all feed ingredients including mineral premixes.